Premium Valet

This is our top of the range valet. This is designed to cater for the vehicle that requires that something a bit special. We like to call it our “everything between the number plates valet”.

Standard Valet

Our standard valet is designed to cater for the type of vehicle that doesn’t require your seats and or carpets to be shampooed or leather to be cleaned or conditioned.

Mini Valet

Our mini valet is a light valet, catering for the type of vehicle that is either relatively new or has been prepared by us recently.

Exterior Valet

Pretty much as it states, the whole of the vehicle is washed, dried and treated to a good quality polish.

Interior Valet

Has your interior seen better days? Does it need a little lift? Then this is for you.

Engine Clean

Got an oil leak and can’t pin point the exact spot? Got to carry out that service and can’t see the wood for the trees? Then bring your vehicle to us and we’ll steam clean your engine.