This vehicle was brought in for a Full Correction Detail.

On arrival.

With the vehicle that had covered 100K, we really did have our work cut out. The vehicle was taken through the washing process, APC, Red 7 (fallout remover) and then clayed. This was then followed by snow foam.

Once dried the correction could start.

motomotion_detailing_valeting_windowtinting-0 motomotion_detailing_valeting_windowtinting-1 motomotion_detailing_valeting_windowtinting-2

The multi stage machining is then carried out, to ensure a swirl and hologram free paint finish.




…and after.


The exterior was then treated to a coat of sealant.

The finished results.

motomotion_detailing_valeting_windowtinting-6 motomotion_detailing_valeting_windowtinting-7 motomotion_detailing_valeting_windowtinting-8 motomotion_detailing_valeting_windowtinting-9

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