Honda Jazz – Fallout Removal

This vehicle was brought in to remove the fallout.

This particular vehicle had the worst case of fallout we have ever seen.

Fallout is when your vehicle is exposed to airborne iron, steel or other metal particles that settle on the surface. There are a number of factors that can contribute towards this. Most of the time you will not even be aware that this is present (if the fallout is very mild), until it is exposed to adverse whether conditions, when those particles turn to rust. These will then become very apparent on the exterior of the vehicle, more so on a lighter coloured paintwork.

The way that this is removed is by using a Fallout Remover and or Claybar. This can be very time consuming, as you may have to keep repeating the process until the surface is free from contamination.

This particular vehicle took just over 3 days to complete. If this process had not been successful, then a full repaint would have been required probably writing this vehicle off, due to it’s age.


On arrival.

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The finished results.

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