Signature Detail

Our top end detail.

This is the most exclusive detail that we offer. Covering not only your paintwork, but hood, engine & interior.

Encompasses all our treatments and all the Gtechniq coatings & protectants.



A non-acidic wheel cleaner is applied to the wheels. Various brushes are used to agitate the cleaner, this is then rinsed

An all purpose cleaner is applied to the wheel arches, door shuts and boot shut (carpeted arches are washed and vacuumed)

A degreaser is applied to the lower half of the vehicle allowed to dwell and then rinsed

The whole car is rinsed to remove the loose dirt from the bodywork

Vehicle is washed using the two bucket method with grit guards fitted, agitated with a lambswool mitt and then thoroughly rinsed, including the door shuts and boot shut

A tar remover is applied to remove tar spots, if applicable

A drying aid is applied to the vehicle

The vehicle is then dried with a microfibre drying towel

The vehicle is then clayed to remove bonded contaminants

Wheel faces clayed

Clay outside of windows

The vehicle is masked up, ready for paint correction. We then measure the paint thickness to assess the paint condition

2nd stage is designed to remove the very fine scratches which have been left behind from the 1st stage

3rd stage is a finishing polish again applied by machine, this is designed to ready the paint for the Gtechniq coatings

Vehicles paintwork is then appraised

The masking is removed

The vehicle is then rewashed and dried

The application of Gtechniq’s

Crystal Serum Light

Exo Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating

This can be upgraded to Crystal Serum & Exo Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating at a cost of £150.00 inc VAT




Interior Detail

Interior vacuumed

Seats, carpets and roof lining are inspected and shampooed as required

Leather is cleaned and treated, if fitted

Trim cleaned and dressed as required

All glass cleaned inside

Boot area washed and dried

The spare wheel is removed and cleaned if fitted inside the boot area

Tool kit cleaned and polished

All glass cleaned inside and out

Door, boot and bonnet shuts are waxed or sealed

All exterior chrome detailed and polished including tail pipes

Tyres and plastic trims are dressed, if requested

The application of Gtechniq’s

C6 Matte Dash,

I1 Smart Fabric, L1 Leather Guard

G1 ClearVision Smart Glass


Wheel Detail

Once the vehicle is raised the wheels are removed

An acid free cleaner is then applied to the inside and faces of each wheel

With a range of detailing brushes the acid free cleaner is agitated and then rinsed

The whole wheel is clayed to remove bonded contaminants

The wheels are then dried and sealed on both sides with a heat resistant product

During this process we will check the condition of the tyre

They are then returned to the vehicle with the all important torque settings, once lowered

The application of Gtechniq’s

C5 Wheel Armour




Cabriolet Hood Detail

A non abrasive cleaner is applied to the roof and agitated with specially designed brushes, these brushes are designed to be soft but firm

The roof is then rinsed along with the rest of the vehicle

This process may need to be repeated if required

The roof is then patted dry and the rest of the vehicle is leathered

The roof must be allowed to dry completely

Once completely dry, any fluff and debris is removed

The application of Gtechniq’s

I1 Smart Fabric




Engine Detail

All removable parts of the engine are removed to allow access to the engine, these are then cleaned separately

All loose debris is removed by hand and vacuumed as required

Any part of the engine that can be done by hand will be done this way to avoid water penetration (depending on the type of vehicle in question the whole engine may require a dry wash)

The lower half of the engine is pre-soaked and a degreaser is then applied and carefully agitated

The dirt is removed with warm water

A degreaser is applied to the rest of the engine, agitated and then removed with warm water

Once the engine and the surrounding ancillaries are clean the slam panel and the underside of the bonnet are degreased, dirt is then agitated and removed with warm water

Care is taken not to soak the sound proofing under the bonnet

The engine is given a full inspection to ensure that the engine and engine bay is clean

The engine is started and taken through the rev range

The engine is dried and allowed to rest

During this time the vehicle will be washed and dried

The removable parts are dressed or polished as required

All plastic trims are dressed and metalwork polished

* Indicates approximate times and prices, each vehicle may need to be inspected before accurate quote can be provided.

Duration from – 5 Days*
Prices from £792.00* (inc VAT)