Full Paint Correction Detail

Looking for perfection, or as close as possible to it? This service will remove most of the swirls or oxidised paintwork by removing microscopic layers of the top coat to reveal the good paint underneath.

A true transformation that will revive and rejuvenate your vehicles paintwork.

A non-acidic wheel cleaner is applied to the wheels. Various brushes are used to agitate the cleaner, this is then rinsed.

An all-purpose cleaner is applied to the wheel arches, door shuts and boot shut.

The whole car is rinsed to remove the loose dirt from the bodywork.

Vehicle is then washed and then thoroughly rinsed, including the door shuts and boot shut.

A tar remover is applied to remove tar spots, if applicable.

A fullout remover is applied, allowed to dwell and then rinsed.

The vehicle is then clayed to remove bonded contaminants.

A drying aid is applied to the vehicle.

The vehicle is then dried with a microfibre drying towel.

The vehicle is masked up, ready for paint correction.

1st stage process of paint correction is carried out to remove heavy swirls, holograms, webbing and oxidised paintwork. This is an aggressive approach and is designed to remove the top layer of the paint to expose the fresh paint below.

2nd stage is designed to remove the very fine scratches which have been left behind from the 1st stage

3rd stage is a finishing polish again applied by machine, this is designed to ready the paint for the pre-cleaner and a high grade Carnauba wax or sealant.

A pre-cleaner is applied to the paintwork.

A high grade Carnauba wax or sealant is applied by hand.

Wheels are waxed and sealed.

Interior is detailed. Vacuumed, seats and carpets washed/leather cleaned and treated. Trim is also cleaned and dressed.

All glass cleaned inside and out.

Door, boot and bonnet shuts are waxed or sealed.

All exterior chrome detailed and polished including tail pipes.

Tyres and plastic trims are dressed.

Final inspection

N.B. Wheels can be removed so that the insides can be thoroughly cleaned clayed and then sealed.

* Indicates approximate times and prices, each vehicle may need to be inspected before accurate quote can be provided.

Duration from – 3 Days*
Prices from £625.00* (inc VAT)