Engine Detail

This type of engine detail is not your run of the mill engine clean where the engine is covered in a chemical and then steam cleaned off. There is a process to this type of detail and as the list below shows it is a very in depth process.

All removable parts of the engine are removed to allow access to the engine, these are then cleaned separately

All loose debris is removed by hand and vacuumed as required

Any part of the engine that can be done by hand will be done this way to avoid water penetration (depending on the type of vehicle in question the whole engine may require a dry wash)

The lower half of the engine is pre-soaked and a degreaser is then applied and carefully agitated

The dirt is removed with warm water

A degreaser is applied to the rest of the engine, agitated and then removed with warm water

Once the engine and the surrounding ancillaries are clean the slam panel and the underside of the bonnet are degreased, dirt is then agitated and removed with warm water

Care is taken not to soak the sound proofing under the bonnet.

The engine is given a full inspection to ensure that the engine and engine bay is clean

The engine is started and taken through the rev range

The engine is dried and allowed to rest

During this time the vehicle will be washed and dried

The removable parts are dressed or polished as required

All plastic trims are dressed and metalwork polished

Final inspection

* Indicates approximate times and prices, each vehicle may need to be inspected before accurate quote can be provided.

Duration from – 2-4 Hours*
Prices from £66.00* (inc VAT)