This vehicle was brought in for a New Car Detail.

On arrival.

Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-0 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-1

The wheels and bodywork were coated in APC and then washed off, we applied Red 7 to the entire vehicle. This was allowed to stand for a while, then rinsed, clayed, snow foamed and dried.

Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-2 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-3 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-4 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-5 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-6 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-7

Once the vehicle was on the ramp, the wheels were removed ready for the C5 Wheel Armour to applied to the inner surfaces.

This was followed with a single stage machining, to ensure the surface was clean and clear, in readiness for the Gtechniq coatings.


Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-8 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-9

C5 Wheel Armour applied to all the surfaces of the wheels.


This vehicle was going to have graphic applied, so we could only apply the Crystal Serum before this was done.


Once the graphics had been applied we could then apply Exo. Due to the nature of Exo, the graphics would not stick to the panels, hence why the graphics needed to be applied first.


I1 Smart Fabric was applied to all the cloth trim.


C6 Matte Dash applied to all interior trims.


And with the application of G1 SmartVision….all finished.


The finished results.

Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-17 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-18 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-19 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-20 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-21 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-22 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-23 Motomotion_Detailing_Valeting_WindowTinting-24

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